The Institute of Population Health Sciences was formally established in 2008.  The aims of IPHS are to gain a greater understanding of the determinants of individual and population health; achieve internationally recognized excellence in research areas that focus on epidemiology, clinical trials, bioinformatics, geriatric medicine, disease prevention and health policy; and provide an organizational structure to, among other things, promote translation of evidence-based research and bridge the gap between research findings and health policy implementation (knowledge translation).

Mission of the Institute:

  • To identify important issues in health related problems and conduct high quality research in the field of population health science. The recent focuses are on aging studies, child health and disease prevention, but not excluding other important problems in population health sciences.
  • To excel in the design, conduct and analysis of health science research; to provide sound methodologies and state-of-the-art approaches in biostatistics and bioinformatics; to help form well-thought health policy, including prevention and intervention strategies based on evidence-based research.
  • To achieve research excellence and leadership in important research areas.
  • To establish research networks within the Institute and with other universities and institutions domestically and internationally to advance research collectively in population health sciences.
  • To provide an organizational structure to promote translation of evidence-based research and to bridge the gap between the research evidence and health policy implementation.