Health Policy Research and Translation

The ultimate goal of policy research is to help our society solve public problems and improve public welfare, with special concern for the poor and vulnerable. Policy research is multidisciplinary. Furthermore, it involves multiple and persistent stages, including issue identification, policy analysis, instrument construction, coordination development, coalition formation, policy decision making and implementation, and post-implementation evaluation. On the basis of our accumulated effort, we will continue to help the government handle important and urgent public health issues in various policy stages, with special focus on policy analysis and instrument construction, as well as post-implementation evaluation. We aim to put particular effort on

Applying rigorous study design and analytical methodology to clarify fundamental causes of public health problems that are critical and pressing, such as disease burden and resource allocation in our quickly aging society.
Developing instruments or tools that can be used in policy formulation and implementation, with special emphasis of mining out the value of existent governmental data and resource.
Performing policy evaluation and identifying potential ways for further advancement, particularly for policies with significant impacts or large room for improvement.